The tutorials found on this site are all for the programs Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop from Jasc.com. The tutorials have been written over an extended period of time and are for different versions of these two programs.

The aim here is to provide quality tutorials that can be followed easily both by beginners and by more experienced users. A lot of the tutorials deal with animation of graphics. All will teach the user several functions of either Paint Shop Pro or Animation Shop, and will encourage the user to not just copy the graphic in the program but to explore his or her own creativity and imagination.

Copyright information
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Anything you make following the tutorials will be your own copyright, except if a graphic has been provided which is already copyright material, in that case you can borrow it to practice on but it stays the copyright of the owner (an example is the Animated Biker tutorial which is for practice and learning some basic techniques).

The tutorials may not be translated to other languages except if permission has been given in writing by the webmistress. If permission for translation is given, the tutorial will still need to be hosted on this site while a hyperlink will be given to credit the translator. If you are interested in translating one or several of the tutorials, please, contact me via e-mail.

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