Tutorials - Colour editing # 1

pink rose

By following this tutorial you will learn how to change the pink colour on the rose above into another colour in a very easy and fast way. The rose I am using was given to me by a friend. It is not my copyright and it is not mine to give away. However, it is supplied on this page for education purposes only. Just click here to download the rose in a zipped psp file and then unzip it directly to your desktop to make sure you can find it easily.

This tutorial is for Paint Shop Pro 7 from jasc.com. I'm pretty sure the same thing can be made in PSP 6 as well but I don't know if all the functions have the same names.

But now lets get to work now!

1. Open the rose psp file in PSP. It should look something like this (just without the watermark, of course):

tutorial image

2. Use the magnifier zoom tool to enlarge it to about four times it's original size or even more to allow you to view very clearly evey pixel.

3. Selections>select all. You should now have marching ants all the way around your image like this:

tutorial image

4. Choose the selection tool selection tool and click somewhere on the rose once and the marching ants should now be all the way around the rose but the transparent background should not be selected, like this:

tutorial image

5. Choose the freehand tool lasso tool and use these settings in the tool palette:

tutorial image

6. While pressing down the ctrl key start drawing from point to point around the green pixels that you now are going to deselect. It will look something like this:

tutorial image

Click once to close the selection and the green pixels should now be deselected. I am left over with a couple of green pixels still but this is no disaster. I just use the magic wand magic wand with the tolerance set to 0 (in the tool palette) and while holding down the ctrl key I deselect each of these two pixels individually. I'm left with this image:

tutorial image

7. Now it's time to save the selection just in case you should happen to click on the image and ruine everything. lol. Selection>save to alpha channel>ok>ok. No need to name the selection as this is the only time you'll be needing it.

8. Now we can start the actual colour editing. If you like you can use the magnifier again to make the image smaller so you get a more realistic look at it. Just select the magnifier and right click until the image has the right size.

9. Colors>colorize. A box like this one will appear:

tutorial image

10. Try to use the same settings that I have used and see if you like them. If not, just play around with the settings until you get a colour you like. First change the hue to change to colour from red to blue to yellow to green etc. and then change the saturation to make the colour more of less saturated. When you're satisfied choose ok and your rose will have changed colour.

11. Choose the selection tool and right click on the rose. The marching ants will now disappear and you are ready to save your new rose.

12. File>save as .... give the rose a new name (maybe yellowrose) and save as a psp file (yellowrose.psp). You can also save as a gif, just use your normal procedure.

That's it, we now have both a pink and a yellow rose. Of course, you can change the colour to several other colours and save all individually. Also think about the possibilities you have to change other items such as cartoon doll clothes or hair. Just use the same procedure and you'll get great results. A lot easier than editing pixel by pixel.

pink rosepurple roseyellow rose

(This entire tutorial © September 28th, 2001, Guðrun Jacobsen)

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