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Edited September 19th, 2005.

Please, read these terms of use carefully before taking any graphics or anything else off of these pages. The terms are here to protect my copyright, but also to keep you out of future trouble. If you do not honour the terms of use you will be regarded as having 'malicious' intent. If you're in doubt or just don't understand the information here feel free to e-mail me with your questions at

The terms of use may be edited if I find it necessary and you will need to follow them at all times. I will include a date to let you know when the terms have been edited so you will know whether you need to reread them or not.

This site is published in Denmark and the entire site is copyright 2000-10 Guðrun Jacobsen.

Direct linking/hotlinking
You may NOT direct link to anything at all on this server for any reason whatsoever, except if I tell you to do so.

All layout graphics and html coding (such as backgrounds, css and the like) on this site were made by the webmistress (Guðrun J.) unless otherwise stated. They are not offered for you to use and should not be copied under any circumstances.

All graphics (including but not limited to cartoon dolls, kaos, signatures, blinkies, name animations, animated expressions, kaleidos, mailboxes, etc.) were made by the webmistress (Guðrun J.). Therefor I own the copyright and have the right to set some terms of use that you should follow if you want to use the graphics (please, click here to find the separate terms of use for buyable graphics/signatures).

a) the graphics (except textures and psp tubes) may be ADOPTED. Just remember to link back to this site on the same page where you display the graphic (if you need banners or buttons for this purpose they are found on the linking page). However, you may not adopt more than 5 graphics from each category or else it will be considered just another collection page and not an adoption page.

b) the graphics may be used to DECORATE your site, e-mails or messages on message boards (for this you can use as many graphics as you wish as long as it's done the right way). Just remember to link VISIBLY back to this site on the same page (or in the same message or e-mail) where you display the graphic (if you need banners or buttons for this purpose they are found on the linking page).

c) the graphics may NOT be placed into any sort of collection. This means that if you have a collection of any sort of graphics on your site you may NOT enter any of the graphics offered on this site onto any of the pages where you have the collected graphics. No, not even if you link back to this site. Also, you can not make a page with all or a lot of the graphics found here and claim that it is an adoption page, it is not, it is in fact a collection page, the limit for adoption is set to 5 graphics from each category.

d) the graphics may NOT be redistributed in any way whatsoever, this includes but is not limited to online collections, drag and drop dollmakers, CDs for your friends or intended for sale, mailing lists, MSN communities, newsgroups etc. If you want people to know about the graphics give them the correct hyperlink to this site.

e) the graphics may NOT be altered in any way whatsoever, this includes but is not limited to changing the colours, editing, adding to other graphics, taking pieces and using with other graphics, cutting to pieces and using in drag and drop doll makers, adding names or signatures, halting the animation, removing the ©GJ sign.

f) the graphics may NOT be claimed as your own creations.

g) always link back to this site on every page that you the graphics offered here. This can be done with either a graphic link (if you need banners or buttons for this purpose they are found on the linking page) or a text link. Or you can make the graphic itself a hyperlink back to this site.

Special circumstances

The doll bases (and other bases) are free for you to copy and edit. All I ask is that you don't redistribute them in any way, including but not limited to drag and drop dollmakers or offering them for others to use on your site, and that you don't claim them as your own creations. If you have used my bases for dolls on your site you are welcome to link to this site. All the dolls you create with the bases can be considered your own creations however as long as they are cartoon dolls and you're not just editing the base itself in order to be able to redistribute it. If you want to make a base editing contest with one of the bases offered here, please, let me know via e-mail, and then I will probably be happy to let you use it. The only restriction to the use of the bases is the no redistribution rule. The link back to this site when using the base to make a doll is not mandatory but, of course, it is most welcome.

Animated alphabets
All animated alphabets on this site are the creations of the webmistress. They may be used like other graphics to decorate your emails and web sites providing you give a hyperlink to this site. They may also be put together to make animated names providing the letters themselves are not altered but merely combined into one image. If you make such animated names you are welcome to give them to your family and friends and you should then let them know where you got the alphabet. If you distribute such names from a site then it is mandatory that you give a very esily found and visible link to this site stating that the alphabet originated from here. You are allowed to distribute such names providing your site is NOT of a commercial nature, meaning that not only are you not allowed to sell the animations, but you must not make money in any other way (advertising banners, selling other products, receiving donations, membership sign ups for a fee etc. ) off of the site where they are distributed. Also, the alphabets are animations and must remain so, they must not be altered in any way, that includes but it not limited to, halting the animation, resizing, recolouring, making into PSP tubes etc.

All textures / background images that are offered in the textures section of this site may be used as such on your own site or in emails. You may also use them to make email stationery or in other online projects. Whatever you make will be your copyright, as long as it is a real creation and not just an edit of the texture. The textures may not be edited for redistribution but must be used as is - and never redistributed at all. If you use the textures for your projects, please, link visibly to this site.

PSP Tubes
All PSP tubes may be used in your graphics projects as PSP tubes should be. This means that they may be included into both animated and non animated graphics and they may be used to make textures. They may never be redistributed as is but must always be part of another project. The graphics you make using the tubes will be your own copyright as long as the tubes are part of the graphic and not just the graphic itself. If you use the PSP tubes for your projects, please, link visibly to this site.

Graphics in contests
The graphics that have been entered in contests on this site were not created by the webmistress. They were created by the people who entered them into the contest. Therefor you should visit the site of the creator by clicking on the graphic in stead of copying it. All creators have their own specific terms of use that may vary from the ones found here, and these should always be respected.

The tutorials found on this site are entirely the creations of the webmistress unless otherwise stated. They may not be edited, copied or redistributed in any way except by giving the hyperlink to this site. However, if you wish to print a copy for yourself to follow in the future, or if you want to save a copy to your hard drive for future reference and your own personal use (but otherwise follow the terms of use) that is quite all right. The tutorials may not be translated to other languages except if permission has been given in writing by the webmistress. If permission for translation is given, the tutorial will still need to be hosted on this site while a hyperlink will be given to credit the translator. If you are interested in translating one or several of the tutorials, please, contact me via e-mail at

For commercial site owners
None of the graphics offered here may be used on a commercial site without the prior purchase of a license or with explicit written permission. When asking for this permission you must inform me in your e-mail that your site is commercial or else the permission can be taken away at any time. Graphics provided on this site may be used only on personal and noncommercial web sites.

For adult site owners
None of the graphics offered here may be used on any sites with adult content whatsoever. If you are in the need for some adult looking dolls you are welcome to contact me via e-mail and I will consider if I can make some. But it will probably not be free. You will have the opportunity to get exclusive right to the graphic though.
(To fellow dollers: if you have a section on your doll site where you have adult dolls and if this section has a very clear warning that is contains adult content, or even better if you restrict minors from visiting it, then you may use the dolls offered here on your site. However, this permission is only granted to cartoon doll sites with original adult creations by the owner of the web site and only if the web site is set up in a responsible way as described above).

None of my creations may be used on any sites containing any kind of hatred, racism, illegality or anything the like. There are no exceptions to this rule!

If you doubt my right to set forward these terms of use, please, visit some of the sites to educate yourself about copyright issues
What is copyright protection?
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
U.S. Copyright Office
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

The layout of this site and all graphics are the property of the web mistress (unless otherwise mentioned or used for advertising purposes and the like)
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