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This page was put together to demonstrate to the visitors that truly respects the privacy of all visitors and to disclose how information is gathered on this site.

Our host server automatically gathers your IP address for statistics purposes. This information is never shared with any third party.

Some of the advertisers on the site use cookies in their ads. This is to make sure that is credited when you click or buy something from the advertiser. The life lenght of the cookies may vary, but the information is not shared with the owner of this site nor with any third party.

You may sign up for a newsletter for this site. A service is used for maintaining such a list. At the moment the used service is Yahoo! Groups. You can check their privacy policy by clicking here.

When you fill in forms with animation suggestions your email address is required. This is necessary so that the animation can be emails to you when it is finished.

If you take part in one of the graphics contests some personal information (such as email address, URL and name/screen name) is required. This is done with the purpose to give as good a service as possible and so that I have a way to identify you. You may not be anonymous to me when you enter a contest, however you may be anonymous to the public if you request it. Your email address will (for as long as the contest lasts) be put on a list (on my own pc) with the email addresses of all participants. This is to make it easy for me to notify you all when voting starts and ends. After the contest is over and the winners have received their awards all collected information will be deleted except for the links and graphics of the winners. They will be displayed on the winners page for the period of time that has been promised as an award. Note: By entering a contest you automatically give permission to link to your site and to show your graphic on the winners page as this is part of the reward for winning.

None of the information collected on the signature pages is shared with any third parties. It is used solely for the purpose of providing a good service. You will never be contacted again, unless it has significance for your order. By making an order you do not sign up for a mailing list or anything else like it, if you wish to sign up for such a list you can do it manually on the main page.

No orders will be accepted from individuals under the age of 13, and no information will be collected from individuals under the age of 13. If persons under this age wish to enter any contest, make any purchase on this site or sign up for the mailing list it is required that they have parental/care taker permission to do so. To read more about this voluntary decision, please, visit the C.O.P.P.A. which this site complies with even though this site is based in and the webmistress lives in Denmark.

Note: All information published by yourself in the guestbooks, forums, tag-boards etc. is considered public domain and I can not take responsibility for the information that you have voluntarily disclosed there.

The layout of this site and all graphics are the property of the web mistress (unless otherwise mentioned or used for advertising purposes and the like)
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