Free graphics - Cartoon dollz (aka pixel dolls)

Remember copyright
Please, remember that all cartoon dollz on this site are copyright material. The terms of use must be followed every time you use something from this site be it a doll or something else. All dolls are hand drawn from scratch (for just two ready made bases from other people have been used and credit is given).

How to use the dollz
The dolls may be adopted to your site if you give credit with a link on that same adoption page (a maximum of five dollz). The dollz may be used to decorate your sites, emails and messages on message boards as long as credit is given clearly and with a link to this site on the same page where you use the doll (or in the same message/email). The dollz may not be altered or redistributed in any way and direct linking to any dollz or other graphics on this server is stricly forbidden.

More info on the dollz section
The dolls have been divided into categories because there are just too many for one page. All the dollz on these pages are animated in some way, either just blinking an eye or something more. I could have left them still, but I enjoy making things move, and that is why I have animated all the dollz. Also, I usually only make dollz on my own bases, which is why there are only two dollz on bases made by other people. Don't get me wrong, I think that other doll artists make absolutely gorgeous bases, but I want to maintain absolute copyright of my own work, which is why I have decided to only use my own bases.

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