Custom graphics - Copyright

Ownership of copyright
The graphics that you buy become your own property and you do not have to link to this site when you use them.

However, there are some restrictions. You are the owner of the copy that you have paid for, but that doesn't mean that you own the copyright of the writing tool, cartoon doll or other graphics that is part of your animation/signature. Thus you may not alter the graphic to do any derivative work.

Of course, if we have an agreement that says that I sell you the copyright to the image that is different. You can then do with the image what you want. But this is only the case if we have specifically agreed on it and you have paid the price for the transferral of copyright ownership.

All graphics on these signature pages are Copyright © 2000-10 Guðrun Jacobsen.

Most of the images have been drawn by the webmistress, but some have been created from photographs. A few were not originally created by the webmistress, but permission has been obtained to use them, they have been accommodated to the use in these signatures, and all graphics created with them are the copyright of the webmistress.

None of the graphics on the signature page are being distributed for use by other animators. I know that especially when you are starting out it is tempting to copy every writing tool that you see. But, please, don't do so. You will be violating copyright laws if you choose to do so anyway. In stead of copying the graphics found here I suggest you learn how to draw your own. That is so much more rewarding than using other people's work and it is not as difficult as you might think initially. Just give it a try.

The layout of this site and all graphics are the property of the web mistress (unless otherwise mentioned or used for advertising purposes and the like)
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