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First of all, this web site is not owned by a big corporation nor is it run by a staff of people. It's run by just one person, the web mistress who also creates all the graphics, Guðrun J.

About the web mistress
I live in Denmark and I am a full time student (have a BA in psychology and am now studying for my masters degree) and also have a part time job. I work nights in a psychiatric institution. This gives me excellent experience in the field that I am studying. I also do some computer work in the same institution, often during the day. So it's safe to say that I'm a busy person. My personal life is quite personal. However, I can disclose that I am living with my partner of more than 14 years and we have two children, a daughter named Sara and a son names Lounes.

Purpose of the site
This site, and the graphics on it, are my way to relax and have some fun on the computer. This means that I will work on the site when I have the time for it, when my personal and worklife permits it. Sometimes there will not be any updates in months, and sometimes they will be made daily.

The purpose of the site, apart from my personal purpose, is to offer graphics for other web masters or e-mailers to use. Another purpose is to offer some good and informative tutorials on how graphics can be created in Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. There are a lot of tutorials for these two programs on the world wide web, but this site offers tutorials that can be used by beginners to these two programs as well as by the more experienced users. These are the main two purposes of the site, all the rest is here to make the site more fun for return visitors.

Site history
I started my first web site in 2000, offering free animated names to all who wanted them. I soon became so busy that I had to stop taking requests. After a while I got into making cartoon dollz and made a second site for them. And during the same time I started making animated signatures for paying customers, and had a specific site for that purpose as well. So before making this site in November 2002 I had three sites scattered around the web. It's such a relief to be able to combine them all now in one space. I'm sure it will also be more fulfilling for the visitors not to have to surf three sites but just one.

Domains, hosts and bandwidth as well as all the software required to make and maintain this site and it's content do cost money, which is why I have chosen to use some ads on the site. However, I do not promote visitors clicking sponsor banners just to support. In order to keep the sponsors happy (and that is important) the most important thing is to supply them with real visitors and not just bogus traffic. So, if you want to support the site, if you want to say thank you for the free graphics that you've found here, just order one small custom graphic and pay for it, make a donation though Paypal or place a link to this site on your site thus recommending it to others.

Thank you for reading this page. Guðrun J.

The layout of this site and all graphics are the property of the web mistress (unless otherwise mentioned or used for advertising purposes and the like)
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